Is Pipeline welding hard?


Someone thought this butt fusion welding work very hard. Being start its really hard for workers who not welding before,but you can do followed instruction or videos to learn how to do. Before welding should know butt fusion welding machine working principle.Hdpe pipe welding through heat of the heating plate, and transferred to the fusion surface of the upper and lower plastic heating parts by electric heating method to make the fusion surface melt, and then the heating plate is withdrawn. After the upper and lower heating parts are heated, the fusion surface is fused, solidified and integrated.

Then to learn the hdpe pipe parameters,such as Diameter-thickness-SDR etc,these information most of time marked on pipes.When know all information to learn how to calculate welding data,such as drag pressure, welding pressure,soaking pressure etc. In below we put some welding data for reference


Post time: Jun-11-2021