HDPE Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine Problem solution


Hydraulic butt fusion welding machine failures mainly include the following and related solutions:

Fault 1. After plugging in, the motor of the hydraulic station rotates and a humming sound is heard, but the hydraulic push rod will not move; solution: first check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station is in place, if it is not enough, please add No. 46 hydraulic oil; Check whether the connection between the hydraulic station and the frame is well connected; at the end, check whether the hydraulic sensor is damaged

Fault 2. The voltmeter of the control box on the hydraulic station cannot be displayed; solution: check whether the wiring device behind the control box of the hydraulic station is loose, if there is no problem, check whether the voltmeter is damaged

Fault 3. The heating plate does not heat or the temperature cannot be controlled after plugging in; Solution: Generally, the temperature cannot be controlled or there is no temperature. Check whether the temperature control on the heating plate is damaged. If it is not for this reason, it is the hydraulic station There is a problem with the thermostat on

Fault 4. Oil leakage occurs at the interface of the high-pressure oil pipe; solution: directly replace the high-pressure oil pipe or the copper joint

Fault 5. The hydraulic motor does not work after almost; the solution: it is recommended to return to the factory to repair the motor, because there are many components inside the motor, and the specific reasons should be analyzed in detail.

Trouble 6. The hydraulic milling cutter does not rotate; solution: see if the hydraulic rack clamp is too tight, or the milling cutter motor is burned out, if so, please return to the factory for repair

Post time: Sep-15-2021