Heating method and detection monitoring of HDPE pipe welding machine


The pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine used a high-frequency welding method at the beginning, which originated from the processing of plastic films such as polyvinyl chloride. Pipe fitting hot-melt welding machines often use welding auxiliary materials. Generally speaking, basically all the heating methods of welding methods are to perform corresponding external heating for the parent material. These heating methods include heating plate type, wedge type heating, hot air heating and A heating method that uses mechanical movement to generate the required welding heat.

The pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine does not need to be heated as a whole, the deformation of the workpiece is small, and the consumption of electric energy is small; it is naturally pollution-free; the heating speed is fast, and the oxidation and decarburization of the surface is relatively light; the surface hardening layer can be adjusted according to needs, easy to control. After heating, it can be installed on the mechanical processing production line, realizing mechanization and automation, which is more convenient in management, and can reduce transportation costs and save manpower, thereby improving production efficiency.

Through process monitoring, process confirmation and process recording, the pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine automatically terminates when it is found that the operation process and welding parameters deviate from the alarm during the automatic welding stage, reducing human factors and improving welding quality. Welding data can be processed and analyzed by computer, which greatly reduces the work of quality supervision.

In order to ensure the welding quality and the safety of the pipe network system, it is particularly important to regularly test the relevant performance of the automatic welding machine. The automatic pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine is a special equipment for hot-melt connection of plastics. The quality of the welding machine directly affects the welding quality. It is mainly composed of hydraulic system, frame, fixture, heating plate, milling cutter and automatic control system.

Post time: Jan-17-2022