How to handle electrofusion welding machine common problems?


The models of electrothermal fusion, heat shrinkable belt, electrothermal fusion welding machine and other products are different. Our products are widely sold. If you have any demand, please contact us. Let’s learn about the common problems of electric fusion welding machine

The product models and parameters produced by each manufacturer are different, so the latest automatic electrothermal fusion welding machine supporting manual and bar code should be selected when selecting electrothermal fusion welding machine

Otherwise, the scope of use will be reduced in the process of use. So as to reduce the use efficiency, cause unnecessary waste and affect the work quality Ring. During construction, generally, when the power supply is within 50m from the welding machine, it is necessary to select 2.5mm2 input cable, and so on. The longer the distance, the longer the cablethe greater the voltage, when the grid voltage does not meet the requirements, the generator must be selected to support the power supply at this time. There are strict requirements for voltage welding machine, which must be used by professionals and certified personnel. Non professionals are not allowed to approach, so as to avoid unnecessary danger to operators.

Post time: Aug-24-2021