How to use manual butt welding machine


The manual hot melt butt welding machine is suitable for the butt welding of PE, PP, PVDF pipes and pipes, pipes and fittings in the trenches, and can also be used in the workshop. It consists of four parts: frame, milling cutter, independent heating plate, milling cutter and heating plate support.

The heating plate of this hot-melt butt welding machine adopts an independent temperature control system and a PTFE surface coating; it adopts a new electric milling method with single and double-sided milling functions; the milling blade is made of high-quality tool steel, with a double-blade design, It can be used on both sides; the main part of the frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is simple in structure, compact and easy to use; single-person operation, suitable for use in complex situations.

When using the manual butt welding machine, first connect the oil pipe, the electric heating plate connection, and the milling cutter power cord; plug in the main power cord, turn on the main power switch and hydraulic motor switch on the left side of the chassis; set the switch to set the heating temperature Set to 220°C. Turn on the heating switch.

Fix the pipe to be butted on both ends of the clamp. The gap between the two pipes is suitable to fit the milling cutter head. Put on the milling cutter head and mill the butt Lyon end. Note: You should start the milling cutter first, and then start the oil cylinder to move forward slowly. It is advisable to adjust the cutting pressure from small to large until the oil cylinder moves slowly. Note: The cutting pressure should not be greater than 3Mpa. When continuous cutting occurs, remove the milling cutter head. Straighten the two mating parts by adjusting the tightness of the clamp so that the misalignment amount is not more than 10% of the wall thickness.

When the heating plate reaches the set temperature, the heating is placed between the two ends of the fixture. Press and hold the hydraulic switch “in”, press the two ends of the pipe to the electric heating plate to heat, when the two ends are pressed to reach the corresponding flanging, release the switch to keep the heat absorption state. After the heat absorption time is reached, press the hydraulic switch to “back” and return to the cylinder. After quickly taking out the heating plate, press the “in” position immediately, so that the two ends face pressure until there is about 3mm flanging, release the button immediately ; Then cool to ambient temperature. Remove the fixed fixture.

Post time: Oct-09-2021