Precautions and troubleshooting for operating pipe fittings hot-melt welding machine

New or long-lasting unused pipe fittings butt fusion welding machine often greatly reduces the insulation resistance between the windings , the windings and the casing due to moisture. It is prone to short-circuit and grounding at the beginning of use, resulting in equipment and personal accidents. Therefore, use a shaker to check whether the insulation resistance is qualified before use.

Before starting the hdpe pipe welding machine for new pipe fittings, check whether the contactor part of the electrical system is in good condition. If it is considered normal, start a test run under no load. Only when it is proved that there is no electrical hazard, can it be commissioned under load before it can be put into normal operation. If the pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine fails, take a look at the connection problem first. If it is connected to the power supply, it will not be powered. That is the problem of the fuse burned out or the power interface. You need to replace the accessories or reconnect the power.

The display screen does not show up, the screen is blurred, and the machine buzzes after power on. The display screen may be damaged. The cause of the damage to the display screen is exposure, heat, impact, aging, and disconnection of the wiring. The pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine presents this problem. Re-wire and replace the display screen.

The current of the pipe fitting hot-melt welding machine cannot rise because the external power supply is undervoltage and the power cord is laid too long. It is necessary to check the external power connection and lay it from the beginning. The reason why the power can not be operated normally according to the set parameters is that the current parameters of a section are set too low. The method is to increase the current parameters of a section, and the time is less than 30s, and then continue to perform normal parameter welding.


Post time: Sep-27-2021