What are the characteristics of automatic butt welding machines?

Full automatic hot melt butt welding machine has the following characteristics:

1. Better welding (welding) parameters for pipes with different diameters, SDR and materials have been set in advance (select diameter, material and serial number).

2. The welding machine automatically measures the driving pressure in the whole process of welding (welding).

3. Automatic monitoring and prompt of the whole process shall be implemented for each operation step in the welding process.

4. Welding parameters are automatically generated and heating time is automatically controlled.

5. The heating plate can be ejected automatically or taken out manually, and the temperature loss is reduced to a minimum (if it is ejected automatically, the mold closing time is automatically controlled in a small range).

6. The dynamic data of the welding process can be printed out or downloaded to the USB of the quality inspector through the data transmission system, so as to recheck the on-site performance of the welder and the operator.

7. The welding time, temperature and pressure are all self-controlled.

Post time: Aug-30-2021