What is the cooling process of the Butt fusion welding machine?


When the hot-melt butt welder is operating, reduce drag resistance as much as possible, and clamp the spigot end of the pipe or pipe fitting on the butt welder; check whether the butt welder matches the pipe diameter and the regular butt cycle; move the movable fixture, Plane the end of the tube against the milling cutter. The approach pressure should be sufficient to produce stable flakes on both sides of the milling cutter. Planing is complete when the ends of the pipe or fittings are flat and parallel to each other

Then lower the pressure, keep the milling cutter rolling to prevent burrs on the pipe and fittings; move the clamp back and remove the milling cutter so that the pipes or fittings on the hot melt butt welder touch each other and check their condition. The spigot end of the pipe or fitting should be aligned as much as possible, not exceeding the prescribed offset in the connection procedure, that is, 10% of the pipe wall thickness, and 1mm if it is less than 1mm.

The additional resistance that occurs due to the frictional losses of the hot melt butt welder and the drag resistance of moving the movable clamp forward, adds this pressure to the required butt welding pressure. If necessary, clean the welding surface and heating tool, scrape the polyethylene residue on the heating tool with a wooden scraper; check whether the welding surface coating of the heating tool is intact and not scratched.

Put the heating tool between the ends of the pipe, make the pipe on the hot-melt butt welder close to the heating tool and apply a certain pressure until the melting flanging reaches the specified width; reduce the pressure, so that the end face of the pipe and the heating tool are just maintained. Touch; when the endothermic moment is reached, move the butt welder movable clamp back and remove the heating thing. Take a quick look at the end of the heated pipe to determine if the molten end was damaged in the process of moving the heating tool, then move the butt welder movable clamp again to make the pipe end touch.

During the entire butt welding process and the subsequent cooling process, the hot melt butt welding machine should maintain a certain pressure; after the butt welding and cooling time is reached, the pressure of the butt welding machine is removed to make the pressure zero.

Post time: Jan-25-2022