EF315 Electrofusion Welding Machine

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HDPE electrofusion welding machine is a indispensable welding tools for the connection of HDPE pipe & HDPE electrofusion fittings.

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HDPE electrofusion welding machine is a indispensable welding tools  for the connection of HDPE pipe & HDPE electrofusion fittings.


- The machine is a specialized full-automatic electrofusion machine for PE/PP pipe, pipe fittings and other big diameter pipes welding, it is also suitable for PE steel mesh skeleton tube welding.

- The main electrical apparatus elements are best of china, many are imported from abroads.

- The machine can fulfill six period of welding, this technology make the welding stronger.

- The machine with USB data interface can store 250 on-site welding data separately in six period.

- It has many advanced capabilities like bar-code scanning for pipe information, automatic testing, machine soft resetting and others.

- In order to adapt to the needs of field construction, the weight and volume is reduced as far as possible to convenient for carrying in the process of handling.

- The power of the machine also has the moisture-proof, shock-proof and other features make the machine easy to work under the harsh conditions outdoors.




Welding material

PE solid wall tubecompatibleSteel mesh skeleton tube

Welding range


Supply Voltage

175V-240V 50Hz

Constant voltage/output voltage


Constant voltage/output current


Max. output power


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Time Range

1-9999 S

Time Resolution

1 S

Time Accuracy


Output voltage accuracy


Welder store records


Easy to Use

1. The equipment adopts microcomputer intelligent controlling, can realize the pressure or current constant. (the pressure and current all can be regulated.)

2. It can display the parameters of the output voltage and current in real time in the whole welding process, and in-circuit test all kinds of exceptional conditions. If finds exceptional conditions, the machine will stop welding and give an alarm automatically.

3. The equipment meets the ISO12176 code about the bar-code international standard of the electrofusion machine. It can identify the bar-code and weld automatically.

4. Humanized user interface designing and large LCD screen make the machine easy to operate.


1. One year warranty, all life maintenance.

2. In warranty time, if non-artificial reason damaged can take old change new for free.Out of warranty time, we can Offer maintenance service.

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