• EF400 Electrofusion Welder

    EF400 Electrofusion Welder

    EF400 electrifusion welder in connection of gas or water polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings. It is the perfect corollary equipment for every PE pipe, pipe fitting manufactures and construction units.
  • Automatic Electrofusion Welding Machine EF500

    Automatic Electrofusion Welding Machine EF500

    HDPE electrofusion welding machine is a indispensable welding tools for the connection of HDPE pipe & HDPE electrofusion fittings. The equipment meets the ISO12176 code about the bar-code international standard of the electrofusion machine. It can identify the bar-code and weld automatically.
  • EF800 HDPE Electrofusion Machine

    EF800 HDPE Electrofusion Machine

    Electro Fusion Fitting system is electrically fusion jointing method that the gap between fitting and PE pipe is heated and melted by the means of resistance wires which are placed in the socket in the fitting. Each Sockets are controlled automatically by micro-processor and RMS value.
  • PPR Socket Welder

    PPR Socket Welder

    Portable socket fusion machines isu used for socket fusion of PP, PPR, PE e PVDF pipes and fittings, either for plumbing applications or industrial systems.